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Finding ways to thrive

Happiness, flourishing, thriving and wellbeing…these terms have increased in popular use in parallel to the rise of wellbeing science and positive psychology.

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Young people spend a great deal of their time at school so it is natural that it is an environment that can shape their wellbeing.

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Wellbeing – Foundations for wellbeing: A new scientific approach

Psychologists have been searching for the keys to wellbeing, looking to understand what factors help people to thrive.

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What is wellbeing?

Everyone wants to feel well but there’s a lot more to wellbeing than happiness and yoga.

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Mobile apps

A range of apps that promote wellbeing, mindfulness and boost mood are now available.

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Why giving is good for the soul

You’re walking along the street when a scientist approaches you with a clipboard, an envelope, and a benevolent smile.

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How a positive ripple can shape our lives

I became bulimic when I was 15. I didn’t tell anyone. I suffered in silence.

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Positive Psychology and living a good life

Dr Dianne Vella-Brodrick MAPS, Director of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology, discusses the principles of positive psychology, how we can all live a fuller life and how positive psychology can be applied in schools, among many other settings.

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The advantages of living a meaningful life

Associate Professor Mike Steger from Colorado State University speaks purposefully and convincingly about the value of living a life infused with meaning.

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A focus on our strengths can help to support our wellbeing.

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A holistic approach to student wellbeing

 A key challenge for schools is how to best educate young people for the rigours of adulthood.

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