Wellbeing is our ultimate goal – we all want to improve our health, achieve our goals, and live meaningful and satisfying lives.

The Australian Psychological Society is running the Compass for Life campaign, in collaboration with the Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne, to help Australians build their strengths, improve their wellbeing and  achieve greater life satisfaction by sharing Ways to Thrive, distilled from psychology research.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Nurture Positive Emotions
    Create more moments of heartfelt positivity in your day – spend time in nature, find a reason to laugh, go for a walk, share time with a friend, or do other simple things that you enjoy.
  2. Build Engagement
    Use your strengths – things that you’re good at and enjoy doing – to help you feel more confident, energized and engaged.
  3. Invest in Relationships
    Make the time to genuinely connect with other people – express gratitude, show kindness, actively listen, and show a genuine interest in their life. Disconnect from technology and connect in person.
  4. Cultivate Meaning
    Understand that what you do each day can have a positive impact on others. Connect with your values, and let them be your guiding compass.
  5. Grow Accomplishments
    Embrace a learning mindset. Set specific achievable goals, track your progress, and celebrate successes.


Download 5 Ways To Thrive (PDF)