Manage your digital self


How to be a healthy user of social media

We can learn a lot about people through how they use social media. For example, Twitter language can be used to predict the risk of dying from heart disease.
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The quest for digital superfoods

Jocelyn Brewer MAPS introduces us to the concept of Digital Nutrition, an award-winning framework for teaching the principles of a healthy, balanced relationship with technology.
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‘Don’t feed the trolls’ really is good advice – here’s the evidence

Anti-social behaviour online – trolling, cyberbullying – is a growing concerning phenomenon but research shows…
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Psychological tips for resisting the Internet’s grip

“22 of the Cutest Baby Animals,” the headline said. “You won’t believe number 11!” Despite an impending deadline – not to mention my skepticism (how cute could they possibly be?)…
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The benefits of mindfulness and how mindfulness can positively impact wellbeing are of growing interest to psychologists and the community.
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How being positive improves your health

In 2003 a landmark study revealed what psychologists had long suspected: that people who experience positive emotions are at a reduced risk of disease.
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Smartphone apps help those with brain injuries, and everyone else’s memory to

Research suggests apps simply free our minds to focus on other things – rather than making our memories lazier
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